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people. first to row dell-you heard from former supervisor doesy will be recognizing you and your colleaguings and representative oh, walky kristinee and but today i stand before you to recognize our wonderful leader in the assembly fee i don't evenna who has joined us today
department, the dell delegation of the justices that were visiting through the international visitor leadership program. during our very spirited discussion with them, we discussed our investigative role and policy work in medation. we hosted representatives from the trenatad and tobago police complaint authority, it is to investigate complaints of miscontact concerning the trenadad and tobago police. >> it was a delegation that provided us the occ a unique opportunity to discuss the policing and civilian oversight. in addition to hosting international and national visitors, we attended community events in 2011, and 2012, we staffed tables at various fares and celebrations. we continued to participate in the operation homeless connect and veteran's connect day long events. we also had several media opportunities to discuss civilian oversight and the occ's services. >> in april of last year, i was interviewed by former police commissioner david onic as part of his criminal justice conversations pod cast. is he a very fellow at the berkeley center for criminal justice and in 2011, i wa
to report different data points. right now a business simply dells us this is how much payroll tax i have in san francisco and apply the 1.5% rate and then that is how much tax they owe. we're now going to have to continue to collect that information, plus what of their receipts was in each of the different categoris? because they can report in different categories and actually required to. and we will have to know much more about them and their payroll expense will need to be reported still for the tax and also in most cases for how they allocate, in san francisco out of san francisco taxes. for the business registration fees currently there are four fees ranging from $25 to $500. depending on your level of payroll expense. and as you may assume, most businesses just pay the $25 registration fee because they don't have payroll expense. but when we move to the new registration fees, starting in 2014, we now move to 13 different levels. rates will go up for every single business and they will have to report to us their gross receipts versus their payroll and that is what will actually be d
you very much. mr. dell kelly, what is the process we follow for prospects that don't follow the prevailing wage? >> i would probably want to have noreen to maybe jump? in on this. one issue is standing. * so, one issue is does the union actually have standing in complaining on an award. so, that's the first issue. the second is we have to have a due process making sure the allegations are true and i think that we are in the process of looking through that. i would probably defer to is ivy here? maybe you can come up. >> there isn't a process whereby you check ahead of time to determine whether a contractor is eligible to bid because they haven't supported prevailing wage? >> , vy kline, manager of the contracts administration bureau. we go through a bid process to check to ensure that all licenses are up to date and valid. in this particular instance, i'm going to need to do some research to see whether or not the subcontractor is even on any of our job contracts. the two that the gentleman named, where are they in the process -- >> isn't it responsible for the general cont
department, the dell delegation of the justices that were visiting th
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)